Give THANKS for Your Health by GIVING Up a Bad Habit

This Thanksgiving give thanks for your health and give up a bad habit such that may affect your life. Here are habits that you should give up for yourself and your family:

Smoking not only harms you but can inadvertently harm others around you through secondhand smoke, especially children.

Drinking excessively is never a good thing. An occasional glass of wine is one thing, but bad drinking habits can cause problems with your health and teach your children that binge drinking is safe and acceptable.

Not eating good food. Many families are excessively busy in this day and age, however, poor nutrition can lead to even bigger problems such as malnutrition, obesity, difficulty concentrating in school, poor job performance, etc. Try to share a homemade dinner with your family a few nights a week and encourage your children to eat breakfast and pack a healthy lunch.

Not getting enough sleep.  Poor academic and work performance, low energy, and foul moods are some of the many consequences of no sleep . Children should get between 8-10 hours of sleep per night, depending on their age. Adults should get 7-8 hours.

No exercise. You don’t have to be a gym-o-holic to be healthy, but everyone needs some exercise several times a week. Even while the holidays may encourage lots of rest and leisure and the cold weather may make you want to stay indoors try to find creative ways to stay active by yourself or with your kids. Joining a gym, investing in a workout DVD or walking the dog around your neighborhood are ways to stay active. You can even buy a pedometer and try walking more at work and around your home. Check out these easy and unique calorie busters.

Deceiving your doctor or missing appointments. Doctors can’t work miracles or read minds. Be sure to attend all scheduled doctor’s appointments or reschedule with notice. At appointments for yourself or your children answer your doctor’s questions honestly and accurately and be sure to tell your doctor any concerns big or small you have regarding your health. Be sure to always take medications as prescribed and ask lots of questions.

Drinking too much caffeine. Drinking too much coffee and soda (aside from being too sugary) can increase anxiety, lead to energy crashes during the day, and even insulin activity. Substitute the caffeine for something refreshing such as an apple, orange juice, or other citrus fruit.

Breaking bad habits can be difficult for some, however being conscious of your efforts and sticking to them are essential in breaking a habit for good.

Have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving!


Your Thoughts?

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